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Hotel Lobbies

Make a good first impression with the stylish and perfectly customized MIRROR IMAGE® technology. Communicate your marketing, services and events in a unique way.

Convention Centre

In the competitive market of convention centres, MIRROR IMAGE offers a competitive advantage over all others. Give your customers the most advanced tools that allow making any convention, unconventional and unforgettable! The MIRROR IMAGE will ensure that your customers will return.



A top beauty service has to be above the standard - the MIRROR IMAGE in SPA environments enhance your competitive advantage: allows you to combine your service with adequate quality to your customer entertainment content. Whether your customers are seated to treat hair, or simply to get nails done, MIRROR IMAGE is the ideal distraction.

Your customers will have access to the latest movies, fashion, or the football game they don’t want to lose – all without leaving to look in the mirror! With the ability to smooth integration into the aesthetics of your space, this innovative technology is the extra that will follow beauty trends of tomorrow.


MIRROR IMAGE offers you a stylish edge over all others – an advantage that will drive guests to return again. Developed specifically for the bathroom environment, MIRROR IMAGE technology is protected against humidity by a special frame and is certified to operate explicitly in Bathroom (classified IP X2 and IP x4). Either with the wall-mount or free-standing system, MIRROR IMAGE ® technology is integrated in a harmonious way in the Bathroom designs , ensuring highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants

Seek the immediate attention of your client? MIRROR IMAGE offers a dramatically new way to capture the attention of your customer. Either a custom MIRROR IMAGE or one of our MIRROR IMAGE® lines, your message is communicated with style and elegance, since it's built into the mirror itself. After all, who can resist a mirror?


Décor Suites

Want to ensure the best customer satisfaction? Want to surprise them with something they've never seen before? Want to ensure that they will return? MIRROR IMAGE is for you. Take your clients to a new dimension of entertainment. MIRROR IMAGE is completely invisible when turned off, and only visible when your guests want. Consider the potential of the elegant fusion of TV in their suites. MIRROR IMAGE can be recessed into the wall, hung like a picture or even built- in furniture.


Bedroom Furniture

ad notam offers a complete integration of MIRROR IMAGE technology in the design of your furniture . We work with your designer and manufacturer of furniture in order to install the MIRROR IMAGE technology where you want, the way you want, ensuring the best quality and your complete satisfaction.