ad notam


The era of multimedia arrived. Wherever we are, we found screens around us, vibrant and attractive. The communication now competes not only at the level of the message, but also on the platform. ad notam® launched itself into the challenge of developing new channels of fancy communication fancy. A challenge that made MIRROR IMAGE® appear.

MIRROR IMAGE® combines a glass surface or special mirror with a sophisticated monitor system, resulting in a fascinating screen for numerous applications. MIRROR TV is mounted in a stylish way behind a mirror surface to display, in a dramatically unique way, any kind of content from TV and Satellite to PC presentations and video games.

Whether for entertainment, information or advertising, MIRROR IMAGE ® presents its communication in an attractive and futuristic platform. Use it to promote customer dialogue, to entertain guests, or simply to sit comfortably and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere that the MIRROR IMAGE® provides.

ad notam MIRROR IMAGE® was designed with your needs in mind. The MIRROR IMAGE ® system is extremely adaptable to any and all applications and any kind of design. MIRROR IMAGE® allows an elegant fusion with the decoration without any cables in plain view or TV boxes. And above all, when combined with MAGIC MIRROR®, MIRROR IMAGE® completely disappears when turned off.

The MIRROR IMAGE ® also allows the expression of your favorite design on q custom shape: print your message on colored glass, combine with a set of LED lights, or choose a lacquering with your favorite color or even by a glass cut as your project architects want. When the customization is done, MIRROR IMAGE® can be recessed into the wall, hung like a box or integrated into furniture. The only limit is your imagination.